EU confirms Spanish property price rise of 7.2 per cent in 2017 The increase compares favourably to EU and Eurozone averages

The latest housing price data published on Wednesday by Eurostat, the EU’s statistics bureau, reports average increases during 2017 of 4.5 percent in the EU and 4.2 percent in the Eurozone, while in Spain the rise observed was one of 7.2 percent.

This is the figure produced by the national government, and represents the steepest increase at any point in the last ten years, following a rise of 0.9 percent during the last quarter of last year.

Elsewhere in Europe, Eurostat report that the highest annual increases in residential property prices in the fourth quarter of 2017 were recorded in Ireland (11.8%), Portugal (10.5%) and Slovenia (10.0%), while prices fell in Italy (-0.3%). Compared with the previous quarter, meanwhile, the highest increases were recorded in Slovenia (3.7%), Croatia (3.2%) and Cyprus (2.7%), while decreases were observed in Sweden (2.8%), Denmark (1.7%), Belgium (0.4%) and Finland (0.3%).

With this strong deliverance, BBVA raises economic growth forecast in Spain to 2.9 percent




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