Metrovacesa will build three towers with luxury homes in Torre del Río

They will be three skyscrapers of 22 plants that will involve an investment of 175 million euros

Of the two large undeveloped plots that close the west coast of Malaga, La Térmica and Torre del Río, the first of them presented in July its project based on buildings of half height and now have been the promoters of Torre del Río , Metrovacesa and Sierra Blanca those who have just made public their residential project for this area of ​​86,963 square meters that includes three towers of 21 or 22 floors , a fourth residential building of seven floors, plus a hotel , large spaces for public use, as well as school, sports and leisure equipment. In total the set includes 324 housing s. All this will involve an investment of some 175 million euros that will generate more than 1,500 jobs during the works , which as announced by the CEO of Metrovacesa, Jorge Pérez de Leza, may begin at the end of the year with the construction of the building of seven plants, which will be followed, in phases, by the three skyscrapers.

The urban development of this area will allow recovering old industrial enclaves for the city next to the Antonio Banderas promenade in the Pacific street .

The design of the three towers has fallen to the architectural firm of Carlos Lamela , author of projects such as the T4 terminal of the Madrid-Barajas airport and the expansion of the Santiago Bernabéu stadium ; while the seven-story building will be screened by the HCP study , led by Javier Higuera

Each tower will house 75 large houses , with an average dimension of about 200 square meters . They will be luxury homes, with exquisiteness in their materials, aimed at clients with high purchasing power, for that reason they will be commercialized in the international market , looking for the foreign buyer who looks for the services of the Costa del Sol and those who provide an urban environment.

The Metrovacesa CEO , Jorge Pérez de Leza , said that “it is a great satisfaction for us to know that we have the strong support of the City Council in this initiative, which I am sure will bring great value to the urban transformation of a of the most important cities of our country “. Pedro Rodríguez, president of Sierra Blanca, said the project “will present Málaga as a great residential destination for international clients, since Malaga has all the ingredients to invest in this project”.

For his part the architect Carlos Lamela , said he hopes to follow the trail of his father in Malaga, which built buildings like the Tres Carabelas hotel in La Nogarela, Torremolinos, said “it is a great satisfaction for Estudio Lamela to have won this important contest and to be able to count on Metrovacesa’s trust in one of the key residential projects for the Malaga of the future, and that will undoubtedly help to finish off the profile of this Great Capital of the Costa del Sol towards the south “.

Finally, the Town Planning Councilor, Francisco Pomares , has highlighted the importance of the project: “this important performance is another example of the ability of Malaga to attract and attract large investments , being one of the destinations that arouses the greatest interest both in the national as well as international level within the real estate sector “.


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