Malaga airport gains 7% of passengers in the first quarter of the year

The airport of Malaga takes off muscle in the first quarter of the year, in which it gains 7.1% of passengers despite the fact that last year in this period part of the flows of Holy Week was computed. From Aena they figure in almost 3.5 million travelers who have moved the airlines in this infrastructure between January and March. Specifically, they point out that 4.1% more operations have been registered on the tracks, up to 26,451 flights in which 3,418,734 passengers have been displaced.

Aena highlights the strong dynamism of both the domestic and foreign markets. «The bulk of users accounted for in the first three months of the year moved in commercial connections, to add 3,411,863. Of them, the vast majority, 2,780,278, traveled on international flights, which represents an increase of 6.8% compared to the same dates of 2018. The remaining 631,585 passengers moved to Spanish cities, which contributed to raise 11.9% of passenger traffic records », they specify.

March data confirm the pull of the destination, although in this comparison we must take into account the impact of the Easter Week operation, which in 2018 was registered this month. Even so, last month there were 1,353,132 travelers, 4.5% more, in a total of 9,786 flights, which did mean a 1.6% decrease.

From Aena emphasize that “the United Kingdom remained at the forefront as the main destination of the infrastructure of Malaga, leading with 361,486 registered travelers in connections with the country, that is, 3.7% more than in March 2018. It is followed by the traffic with destinations in our country. Germany, with 118,070 passengers, and Holland, with 81,637 passengers, complete the most active markets last March