NEW 25,000 square metre park on Costa del Sol includes slides, wildlife area and sports facilities

ESTEPONA Town Hall has just completed a new 25,000 square metre park.

Located near the Hospital de Estepona, the park includes three different connected platforms that follow the lie of the land.

The first level connects to the access road of the hospital, while all three areas are joined by paths and locally-sourced vegetation.

This area has been designated for sports, as well as for people to enjoy the views.

Next down is an 8,000 square metre field surrounded by trees, and covered in shrubs and other plants, for a more natural finish.

The third level is connected to the second via slides as well as pedestrian paths.

There is also a sports court in this area, where the public are welcomed to take part in five-a-side football, handball and basketball.

The perimeter of this area is a ‘green zone’ in which the Town Hall has planted junipers, carob trees, olive trees and more.

Source and credit – The Olive press