Tourism reports 3,200 million euros to Malaga

The tourist data of Málaga capital continue breaking records. According to the last annual balance between November 2017 and October 2018 of the Consistory, through the Tourist Observatory, it is estimated that this industry has reported more than 3,200 million euros to the city , specifically 3,289,278,533 euros. What supposes an increase of 15.72 percent with respect to the same period of the previous year.

The breakdown of the expense is summarised in an average expenditure per person of 70.76 euros per day or 706.68 euros per stay . There was a direct economic impact on the city of more than 2 billion euros (2,207,569,485 euros) and an indirect impact of more than one billion euros (1,081,709,048 euros).

These data are reached thanks to the arrival of 4,429,170 visitors to the capital. Figures that represent an increase of 12.02 percent with respect to the same period between 2016 and 2017. They are divided between 2,978,617 tourists and 1,450,553 hikers. In a city that has risen in this period the number of accommodations in 6,726 new places, reaching 21,206 beds in tourist housing and 16,692 offered by the 348 hotel establishments.

More overnight stays

Hotel tourists have been 47.44 percent of the total, assuming an increase of 5.92 percent over the same period before and increasing the number of overnight stays by 5.55 percent. This has allowed, for example, an average occupation of 77.21 percent and a rise of 12, 55 percent in generating employment in the sector.

They have hosted a client that is 41.22 percent national. Among foreigners follows the British, German and French predominance. Low average tourist age , which stands at 41.37 years and it is detected that 50 percent of visitors are between 18 and 39 years. 69.48 percent are employed people, who have some work, while 17.74 percent are students.

85.38 percent made a prior reservation and 31.7 percent planned their trip with an advance of 1 to 2 months. 77.31 percent had Malaga as the only destination and they arrived mainly by plane . 45.29 percent travelled as a couple, compared to 25.43 percent who did it with friends.

These tourists qualify the capital of the Costa del Sol with an average grade of 8.55 . What they value the most is the attention and treatment received, the offer of museums and the restoration. For half of the tourists polled it was their first visit and 91.13 percent said they would recommend visiting the destination to family and friends.

Andalusian excursion

As for the hikers, 73.03 percent were Spanish, and among them, 65.96 percent Andalusian. Among foreigners returns the predominance of the British and Germans, followed by the Portuguese and French. The old age is 47.7 years and 19.08 are retired. They arrived on vacation, with specific leisure offers and 62.73% did not make a reservation before visiting the city.

The majority resides in a nearby city and is in Malaga for a day trip. The 65.96 percent are Andalusian , who arrive in their own vehicle to walk the streets, gastronomic activities and visits to the historic centre.

Among the data of the study, is that 79.74 percent use social networks every day on a trip that is mainly leisure and vacation (81.24 percent). The most used is Facebook (54.01 percent), followed by Instagram (24.87 percent) and Pinterest (7.80 percent). They share their experiences, which highlights the choice of Malaga by climate, cuisine and cultural offer .


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